Hawthorne Police Department 2020


The Hawthorne Police Department has seen significant changes in the last two years and we continue to make progress and improve on our public safety services to the community.  Organizational transformation continues to be a top priority for HPD, to move from a traditional policing model to a community policing model focused on Engagement, Problem-solving, and building trust with our community.  

Challenges in 2016 were significant:  An increase in violent crime, implementation of AB 109/Prop 47,  a significant increase in homeless and mental health related calls for service, coupled with staffing shortages, resulted in extra workload for all PD employees (sworn and support staff).  

An increase in gang-related shootings in November and December required significant shifts in resources to address the problems.  This violence culminated in an extreme incident where two HPD officers were involved in shooting.  Unfortunately, one of our officers was struck in the leg by gunfire.  Fortunately, he survived the incident and is working hard overcoming his injuries.  Through all this, HPD continued to aggressively address these crimes and as of the first quarter of 2017, the gang related crimes has dropped dramatically. 

This report will give an overview of what HPD is doing now, and what is in store for the near and mid-term future.  

Our goal is to provide the best public safety focused on service, efficiency, and delivering a clear value proposition to our community.