In 2016, Homicides jumped from six in 2015 to nine in 2016.  Robberies increased about 20% from the previous year.  Car break-ins increased about 16%.  However domestic assaults were down about 20%.  Residential Burglaries also decreased around 14%.  

The fluctuation in crime is fairly consistent with state trends.  Crime has gone up in many cities in LA County.  

Crime Statistics

Homeless Encampments and Mental Health Issues in Hawthorne

Addressing homeless encampments throughout the city has been a challenge and we have been a

5150 Calls

Electronic Suspected Child Abuse Report System (E-SCARS)

Mandated child abuse reporting and investigation rests solely on our patrol officers to respond in a timely manner and conduct a preliminary assessment of each case.  As can be seen below, cases have increases steadily since the inception of this program.   

E-SCARS is a web-based system developed by Children and Family Services (DCFS) Business and Information Systems Division, as part of a joint effort by three county departments: DCFS, the District Attorney (DA) and the Sheriff’s Department.  

It facilitates compliance with the Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act (P.C. 11164), which requires: 1) DCFS and law enforcement to mutually cross-report allegations of suspected child abuse and/or severe neglect; and 2) the DA to audit  cross-reporting compliance between DCFS and the law enforcement agencies in the county.  E-SCARS will facilitate a timely response to sensitive cases, consolidate reports from multiple mandated-reporters, provide case-tracking capability, expedite criminal investigation, and enhance prosecution.