Our Challenge

Staffing, as in many police departments across the country, is a significant area of concern for HPD.  We are currently running at the same or slightly below staffing levels specified in our 2017 Patrol model.  Crime, particularly gang-related crime, can quickly “spill over” from LA into parts of our city.  The Gang Unit has been understaffed.  Resources of the Special Operations Bureau expanded their responsibilities to dealing with homeless and mental health.

HPD is currently budgeted for 95 officers.  However, we are currently working with 86 officers “on the books’. If you factor in officers injured and not currently working, we have approximately 79 Officers actually working as of the first quarter of 2017.   We anticipate approximately nine (9) additional officers to retire (medically or by service time).  If we do nothing and not hire, we have the potential to drop to approximately 75-77 officers in the next 18-24 months.    

Our Approach

We will continue hiring on a consistent basis for the next three years

Our goal is to be fully staffed within the next 24 months.  Thanks to the support of the City Council and City Manager, the Police department has seen a only a modest reduction of officers from 100 to 95.  

Due to shortages, we have been aggressively hiring new officers.  We currently have seven (7) officers in the academy or in field training.  Our goal is to hire three to five officers every year for the next three years in order to reach our full complement of 95 officers.  

We have similar reductions in our support staff.  We anticipate the need to hire additional Records, Jailers, Forensics, and ITS staff in the next 18 months.  






Diversity will continue to be a priority for our organization

As we have opportunity to hire new officers, our goal and focus will be to continue to hire officers with a diverse background.  As of the first quarter of 2017, our force consists of 12% females and a makeup of the below charted demographics:


HPD Demographics