Innovation often starts with a “What if…” moment. In our era of reduced budgets, limited resources, and increased workload, this two-hour course will give you an overview of what can be done as a "grass-roots initiative".  All of these successful community policing programs started from the "bottom up" - line level Officers and Sergeants coming up with innovative ways to build trust within the community they serve.  

The two-hour presentation will provide insight on how Police Departments develop and implement innovative community policing programs into their respective departments.  We will cover the importance and the reasons why building trust with the community is important to the success of the Police or Sheriff's Department (i.e. red dot/green dot theory).  We will cover how departments partner with corporations and fundraising to support the programs.  We will also cover innovative ways we use social media to promote the positive branding of the police or sheriff's department.

Our goal and focus will be to show what police departments are doing beyond "law enforcement".  We want mark43 employees to understand the depth and commitment we have in providing the best possible value and service to our communities.  Through the use of videos, powerpoint slides, personal stories, and an interactive presentation, the class will not only be informative, but will be inspirational and uplifting.  "I never knew you guys did so much".   This will be the takeaway for your employees.  

Example programs we would cover in the class: 

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coffee with a cop

‘Coffee with A Cop' is our signature program, invented by the Hawthorne Police Department at our local McDonald’s in 2011.  Six years later, and the October 7, 2016, proclamation as ‘National Coffee with a Cop Day’ by the US Department of Justice, our program is now being offered by police agencies in every US state, twelve countries internationally, and is formally the most successful “Community Policing” program in the world. Our Department independently supports, trains and coordinates this program for all police departments free of charge.

Ride to live

‘Ride to Live’  is a motorcycle-driver training class, taught by Department Motor Instructors, offering riders of any skill level the ability to improve his/her riding skills, enhance their safety and control, and learn the techniques taught at law enforcement motor schools. The classes are free of charge and now encompass two different skill competencies. The mission is simple - improve the safety of motorcyclists and traffics safety jointly through skilled training and awareness.


Scottie, HPD’s full-time “Facility Dog”, one of the original pioneer law-enforcement service dogs in the U.S., is assigned to our Community Affairs Unit. Scottie comes to work everyday with a specific mission: Increase community communication, ease the tension of crime victims and children, and maintain department morale. Scottie does it all!


tactical medicINE program

[fade]The Hawthorne Police Department TacMed Program oversees the training, equipment and deployment of medical-based offerings for our Officers. We took this SWAT-inspired focus and formatted it for our Patrol Division Officers - those who are most likely to respond to you first, in time of crisis. ’Tactical First Aid’ was born. The positive results are staggering - life supporting and saving acts performed monthly in the streets of our City. But we didn’t stop there…  We offered out this training focus, training free-of-charge, many of our neighboring police agencies in the South Bay and within LA County, passing on this skill-set success. We aren't done yet…  We have now evolved this training to complement the public sector, bringing real life-saving knowledge to citizens who can immediately address medical need when confronted.[/fade]  


[fade]One of our most successful community programs! An elite partnership between the MLS Los Angeles Galaxy, the Chevrolet Corporation, Coaches Across Continents and your HPD.  You will not find another similar alliance anywhere - ‘HPD Police-Youth Futsal’. Our Officers create a “safe space” for positive interaction as they team up with local youth to learn and play Futsal at Hawthorne Memorial Park. The results are fantastic, teens and Officers alike![/fade]  


[fade]The sad reality of today is that schools, businesses or public congregation spots can now be chosen targets for mass-homicidal attacks.  We are training and preparing Hawthorne-based stakeholders for readiness and survival.  Expert Staff teaches and role-plays our school and private sector partners in real-world scenarios, better their prevention, preparedness and survival.[/fade]  


power project

[fade]The Power Project is an adult-volunteer mentoring group for pre-teen and teenage girls from our Community.  The coordinators, both from the Police Department as well as private-sector industry, meet weekly and address topics that build maturity and life-preparedness in the young ladies, coupled with engagement in rigorous activities such as Ice Hockey and CrossFit. These collaborations make this opportunity to learn early and advance future academic and life-experience opportunities unique!  Our girls also earn community service-hours by helping at various charity /  police-supported events throughout Hawthorne.[/fade] 


[fade]Another first, and one-of-a-kind!  This program brings an opportunity for youth ice hockey to be introduced into the lives of youth living within Hawthorne.  The Hawthorne Force Hockey Program was born out of a partnership between the Hawthorne Police Department and the National Hockey League Players Association’s “Goal’s and Dreams” program.  Now touted as a premier example by of youth collaboration by the NHL, the FORCE youth are coached and mentored by volunteering Officers from our PD.  The program remains sustained through selfless work and Community and corporate donations.[/fade]  

air 55

[fade]Hawthorne’s ‘Air-55’ is the only dedicated municipal police helicopter within the South Bay.  Equipped with state of the art lighting, night-vision and downlink technologies, our two-man Hawthorne crew pilot the MD500E, patrolling the skies of Hawthorne weekly, adding a force-multiplier to our law enforcement officers that cannot be achieved in other ways. AIR55 additionally provides routine critical support-services to our neighboring police agencies during the scope of their work, keeping our region safer and our public safety partnership strong. With this kind of air support above, our patrol officers have an added layer of crime prevention and apprehension capabilities that few other cities possess.[/fade]   



[fade]Progression is the key to success. And our emphasis in looking at contemporary ‘branding’ is just another example.  From the smallest to the largest, from our new issued Badge, all the way up to our phenomenal Police Facility building, standing above and apart is preeminent   Our latest police vehicle graphics do such as a unique design, placing the Hawthorne brand in the forefront, body-wrapped in matted traditional colors. These stylings began as “conversation starters”, now Officers are routinely approached by the Community in positive feedback and photo-seeking with the unit.  [/fade]  


[fade]In our continual search for the next better way, the next innovation to reach our Community, we introduce you to the Mobile Police Center.  This mobile “neighborhood-police-station-on-wheels” will bring us directly to you - to your neighborhood! Conceived by our Officers, derived from grant-funding, this platform will allow our deployment around the City, allowing officers and detectives to come to you, to stay, connect and address issues impacting your neighborhoods, for up to a 24-hour period.[/fade]   


[fade]Among our fleet of traditional police motorcycles, we also possess and deploy Brammo electric motorcycles out periodically for enforcement and community event uses. Light, agile, and “green”, our Officers stand out from the crowd.  As in our branding philosophy, the bikes quickly become the conversation starter, fostering dialogue and new connections within our community.  [/fade]      



SERGEANT CHRIS COGNAC has been a police officer with the Hawthorne Police Department since 1992. He is the main National Instructor for the Coffee with a Cop training class. 

He is currently assigned to the Community Affairs Unit but has served in numerous capacities from uniform patrol to undercover narcotics supervisor. Cognac is a true believer in the ability of individual officers making a difference in the communities they serve. He uses his networking and communication skills as a force multiplier, putting people who want to help the community with those in need of an opportunity. 

In his work to take the Coffee with a Cop program nationwide, Sergeant Cognac has assisted officers and police departments across the country in implementing their own events that aim to build good communications and trust within those communities. Cognac, is a graduate of the Delinquency Control Institute at the University of Southern California. in his spare time, he is a food and travel writer for magazines and newspapers and develops new food television concepts. He also hosted his own Food Network TV show, The Hungry Detective.

He recently served as a Fellow for the Office of Community Policing (COPS office) in Washington D.C. where he served as a subject matter expert for community policing development and law enforcement social media.



Chief Robert Fager

Captain Michael Ishii