HPD NEWS AND UPDATES (For Our Former HPD Employees)


Hard to believe 2018 is coming to an end already. I hope everyone is doing well and spending time with friends and family. HPD had a few significant changes, the biggest being the retirement of Chief Robert Fager. I'm grateful and glad to still keep in touch with him. He's helped in so many ways to get us to where we are today.

We had a few former HPD family show up in the last few months. Although I didn't get a photo, Paul Simpson came by with his daughter. He hasn't aged one bit.

Captains Effler and Jester came by to qualify and say hello to everyone. Great to see them again!


Of course we couldn't finish the year without Chief Port's annual breakfast for HPD. Once again a great turnout and we are so grateful for Chief' Port's generosity and for thinking of the men and women working at HPD. There are many new faces and I was glad to share our HPD Culture with them. First explaining who he is, and then showing them what HPD family is all about.


And it was great to see some of you at our POA Xmas party. Thanks for taking the time to come out and celebrate the holidays with us!


Thank you again for your continued support. As we continue to hire new officers, one of my biggest challenges will be to make sure they understand and feel the HPD culture that all of you helped build. The HPD culture is what makes us unique, and is the common thread from the double digit badge numbers to badge number 416 (I know, hard to believe) that keeps us together. We expect great things in 2019, and I hope to share those with you.

Thanks again and Merry Xmas and Happy Holidays from your HPD!

Michael Ishii #247