One of our most successful community programs is the the police-youth soccer games that are held every Thursday. HPD officers and civilian employees create a “safe space” for positive interaction. Officers team up with teenagers that come to the park to play. The results have been fantastic for the teens, as well as the officers. The program now draws between 40-50 teens every Thursday and has helped to establish communication, trust, and friendship with a group of teens that had not previously interacted with HPD officers.  Through the relationships built with the teens as a result of the trust built on the soccer pitch, several of the youth now want to become police explorers with the HPD.   

We are so proud of Gyasi Zardes and inspired by his success and his continued commitment to Hawthorne. We are so very thankful to the LA Galaxy and ChevyFC for the commitment to our community and to it's youth. From the bottom of our hearts we say "Thank you"

These amazing Hawthorne kids are going off on an amazing adventure to Manchester England to experience Manchester United from the inside. They will see the game at Old Trafford and get to meet players and see that the world is indeed a much smaller place now, all because of soccer. We wish them safe travels and hope they take a lot of pictures to share with us at Hawthorne Police. 

We can’t thank Chevy FC enough for allowing us to be part of this fantastic program and for building the wonderful futsal courts at Memorial park