HPD On Social Media

These days, with so many ways to get information through social media sites, there may be times when it can get a bit overwhelming.  We get it.

Our use of social media follows the theme of this website:  Simple and quick information that is pertinent to you right this minute. We use each site differently based on the content we publish (see below descriptions).  We also intentionally keep it simple and avoid bogging down our sites with extra (and often times) unnecessary chatter. 



Our Facebook page is where you will get the latest community news updates such as "Coffee with a Cop" locations, HPD community activities, and general news about the Police Department. 


We were one of the first to start using Twitter to update you on major police activity throughout the city. Often times we post updates directly from the scene, giving you the latest community alerts with minimal delay.  


Check our Instagram pages for some fun and casual photos of everyday life at HPD. "Scottie and Mido want to show you what they do out there everyday!"


Want to see what it's like to be with our patrol officer for a shift?  Follow us on Snapchat @hawthornepolice


We are excited to be one of the first agencies to use Nextdoor as a way to communicate directly with individual neighborhoods. 


Follow us on Nixle for another way to get press releases and news updates.  We routinely send out notices of incidents going on in the city as they are happening as well as distributing flyers regarding arrests of interest and crimes to be aware of.