"Scottie" FACILITY Dog

The Hawthorne Police Department recently acquired a very special officer named Scottie. He is a police K9, but not of the traditional type that are often used in policing. After a three year relationship with Canine Companions for Independence (www.cci.org), we have received a fully trained facility dog that can do things you would not believe unless you see it with your own eyes.

Scottie is handled by our Community Affairs unit and comes to work every day with a very specific mission: increase community communication, ease the tension of specific crime victims and children, maintain department morale and assist our officers and families that are experiencing difficulties. Some days Scottie may just calm down an agitated citizen at the front desk. Scottie can pick up and deliver anything that will fit in his mouth, turn on and off the lights, and open and close doors. He is now part of HPD's family that will literally open doors between the community and the police department.

HPD Police Service Officer Bell and Scottie. She takes care of Scottie 24/7.