If there’s one thing that gets people’s knees shaking, their breathing a bit ragged and their skin beading up with a fine layer of nervous sweat, it’s the thought of an job interview. Whether angling for an entry level position at their first time job or grabbing for that next rung on the promotion ladder, the job interview often has a way of reducing even the best of employees, or young entrepreneurs, into blathering blobs of semi-coherent goo. The reason is simple: the interview is a combo-pack containing two prime fears on the average person’s hit parade of horrors — public speaking and looking bad in front of other people.

It doesn’t have to be that way though. Like everything in life, proper preparation and the right plan will always maximize performance. While there are literally thousands of articles, books and professional trainers covering the job interview topic, we have some simple techniques that can be used by anyone, for any job, with an almost certain guarantee of improvement over whatever you were doing before.

So rather than just going into your next oral interview “HOPING” you do well, come on down and see what we have to offer. Your future just might end up being a bit brighter for it.

I want to thank you for yesterdays Job Interview Workshop. It was a helpful and interesting experience for me as a young, first generation college student. I hope this workshop continues in the community as it is extremely helpful..
Thank You!
Thank you for the wonderful and informative workshop. I learned a lot of things. Your expertise and the way of teaching are quite fantastic and I surely took great notes. Now I understand everything I’ve been doing wrong. Thank you for sharing some of your wisdom to us.
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Lieutenant Ti Goetz has been a police officer for the City of Hawthorne for over 26 years and holds a BA degree from UC Santa Barbara in Law and Society/Criminal Justice and a MA degree from Cal State Dominguez Hills in Negotiations/Conflict Management.

During his time here he has worked as a patrol officer, gang intelligence officer, Internal Affairs Sergeant, Juvenile Bureau Sergeant, Patrol Sergeant, Traffic Bureau Commander and is currently a Patrol Watch Commander. Lieutenant Goetz served 13 years as a member of our SWAT team where he worked his way up from team member to Team Commander. He is a certified EMT and works closely with our Tactical Medical team teaching trauma life support to a wide variety of departments and organizations. He is an active shooter instructor and has been instrumental in rolling out the Run Hide Fight program to local schools and businesses. An avid motorcyclist, he developed and serves as one of the primary instructors for the Hawthorne Police Departments “Ride to Live” program.

With a long time interest in oral interviews, he has helped and assisted numerous individuals inside and outside our organization with preparing for oral interviews. That work directly led to the development of the Job Interview Workshop.

Lt. Goetz is married with two children, a graduate of the FBI National Academy, a proud former Marine and a published author of numerous police related articles.

Kenny Craig is a Detective with the Hawthorne Police Department and has been with the Department for almost five years.

Prior to joining the Department, he was the CEO and founder of a tech company for 17 years before selling the company in 2010.

During his time as the CEO, the company was recognized three times by INC. magazine as one of the fastest growing privately held companies in the US.

In his entire management career, which spans 30 years, he has conducted well over 4000 interviews and hired over a 1000 employees.

Due to his vast experience in the business world, combined with his in depth understanding of interviews and the interview process, he was a natural match for the Job Interview Workshop.


On June 20, 2019, I attended the “Job Interview Workshop.” Today I am trilled to share the news that I have been hired at Santa Monica College as a Mental Health Therapist. The “Job Interview Workshop,” helped me get my first professional job. The workshop helped me to better prepared for a panel interview. I had an amazing closing story with strong silver bullets that describes why I was the strongest candidate for the position, and I wrapped it up with the research I had previously done about the college and mental health. I left the interview with a good feeling that I had gotten the job and the following day I got an email with the job offer.
Hi to you both and thank you for remembering to write me back! Believe it or not, when I went home, I had an email from a recruiter asking for an over the phone interview the very next day. I’m customizing my resume as I type this and hopefully it’ll lead to a full in person interview asap. Thanks again for the class, it was great practice and definitely worthwhile. Wish me luck!
Good morning Lieutenant Goetz and Mr. Craig, I’d like to thank you both for taking the time out of your Thursday to host the Job Interview Workshop. It gave me a lot of solid strategies and insights for nailing these types of interviews, and I know for a fact that I’ll be that much more ready for the next job or scholarship interview I have.
Dear Lt. Goetz and Det. Craig, I just wanted to thank you both for taking the time to spend an evening talking to us about Job Interviews! I’ve never really considered interviews in a structured way, and you both have helped me to rethink how I approach an interview. I also liked the way the class was structured with lecture, then application, and how you brought it all together in the end. I’m looking forward to my next interview, and will definitely use the techniques that you shared with us tonight. I will be highly recommending your future classes to family and friends. Thank you, again!
Thank you, Lieutenant Ti Goetz, and Kenny Craig, I was able to land an interview with a great local company. First, I interview over the phone and did terrible [before the workshop]. Then for the in-person interview, I put in practice everything I learned at the workshop. I researched the company, read the job requirements, arrived on time/dressed to code and closed the interviewed. Everything went well and I got the job offer. Your workshop gave me so much confidence and knowledge. Thank you again for everything. I will be sure to share with acquaintances about your wonderful program.
Hello! I want to take this opportunity to thank you both for such valuable and right on time Oral Interview Workshop last month. All the information that was provided at the workshop was put to good use as “I ACED” my job interview last week and my new job title is Medical Biller 2/Collector with pay increase. I could not have done such an effective interview without the awesome information I received from the workshop. And for the closing of the interview, I shared the story re my Sister-in-law’s battle with cancer and the interviewer just absolutely loved the story. The same generic interview questions were asked. Thank You...Thank You and Thank You. By the way, it is a true story!