Chicken Soup

I was pretty excited to hit the "big time" and get invited to sit in on the White House panel on sexual assault and women's issues this week to be held at "The White House".  I went to work at the COPS Office Wednesday ready to go.   I had my nice grey suit on and was ready to dive in head first about an issue to which I am very passionate.

Well, as luck would have it, the meeting was cancelled !!! I was so bummed, what was everyone going think now that I was not going be a White House "insider" lol! So my friend at the COPS Office Deborah had gotten tickets to a special event at the Smithsonian to be held that evening. It was called "What the Cluck"...yes, What the Cluck! It was a symposium and Q/A about ....Chickens!

So we took the metro after work (still wearing my grey power suit) to the American History Museum and ended up listening to a great lecture and Q/A about Chickens and Egg's (they did not tell us which came first.) The evening of chicken talk came to a fitting end with some great food (chicken) and local craft beers and I got to see a real live chicken coop, that had been assembled inside the museum itself! There was a live Bluegrass band (very fitting) and it ended up just being a really neat evening. They have these nighttime events once a month, and next month is SUSHI!!!!

So, gotta love DC, my day started off headed to the White House, but I ended up in the chicken coup!