Animal Cruelty Arrest




On January 2, 2014, Hawthorne Police and Animal Control Officers responded to the area of El Segundo Boulevard and Doty Avenue in reference to a deceased dog found in a bag.  Subsequent investigation revealed that a 5 ½ year-old Chihuahua, later determined to be named “Cow Cow”, had been intentionally run over and left to die by its owner.  Follow-up investigation by Hawthorne Police Detectives yielded surveillance video from a nearby location allowed the following events to be learned: 


During midday, December 28, 2013, Michael David Parker, a 45 year-old resident of Hawthorne drove his vehicle into an alley near the above referenced location.  From video, he is seen opening his trunk, closing it, and then re-entering his vehicle.  Moments later “Cow Cow” appears from the side of the vehicle and runs out in front of it.  Parker backs his vehicle up, and then appears to accelerate rapidly, steering directly toward the dog.  “Cow Cow” is run completely over.  The vehicle continues on out of sight.  A nearby resident later discovers and collects the deceased dog from the alley, placing it in the bag it was found in. 


Hawthorne Police Detectives identified and arrested Parker at his place of business on Friday, January 3rd, 2014.  Parker was booked at the Hawthorne Police Department.  Parker posted bond and his arraignment date is March 25, 2014 at the Los Angeles Airport Courthouse. 

The video showing the crime is available for use by the media.   If you would like a link to the video, please send your request to Lieutenant Swain at the email listed below.  The video is graphic and may be disturbing to watch. 

michael david parker.jpg

Contact:  Lieutenant Scott Swain

Detective Bureau Commander / Public Information Officer

(310) 349-2835