My meeting at the "Pentagon"

March 11th 

My meeting at the "Pentagon"

I received an e mail Monday and it said there was a big meeting in the Pentagon and that I would be escorted to where the meeting was to take place. YES!!! I was gonna be the man, what would the folks back at HPD think when I told them "oh yea, had a meeting at the Pentagon today, no biggie." Well, time for the meeting came and I thought it was strange that I was still in the DOJ building. So someone came to show me to the meeting and it was in "The Pentagon" alright....the corner meeting room in my building is named "The Pentagon", like Homer Simpson would say "Doh!"

Anyway, we are so busy, it's awesome to be working on national issues like Ferguson and being able to give opinions and expertise based on things we have learned and pioneered in Hawthorne. I am learning a lot, like there is an acronym for EVERYTHING in the Federal Government like SME (subject matter expert), and CRI (Collaborative Reform Initiative) which you will hear about more during the time I am away. 

I decided to take a nice walk in the crisp cool Virginia air when I got "home", I walked to the cool rotating restaurant at the top of the Double Tree Crystal City hotel and snapped a photo. I am recommend to anyone in the DC area to go and have a drink or dinner, its the best view in town! I stayed there when I was filming my DC episode of the Food Network show I used to host. 

Well, off to bed, tomorrow is a new day, goodnight Hawthorne !