Impounded Vehicle Release Information

If your car has been impounded, and during the impound period you find a need to remove personal items from the car, you must obtain a property release form from the Traffic Bureau.Property release forms are only issued to the REGISTERED OWNER of the vehicle. You must have valid government identification to obtain a property release form.

To obtain a release for a vehicle after a 30-day impound, the registered owner must present the following to the Traffic Bureau:

  • Valid Identification

  • Current Registration for the vehicle

  • Proof of Current Insurance on the vehicle

  • In addition, if the vehicle has any outstanding unpaid parking citations, the car will not be released until those fees are paid in full.

California Vehicle Code section 22852 states, “Whenever an authorized member of a public agency directs the storage of a vehicle, as permitted by this chapter, or upon the storage of a vehicle as permitted under this section (except as provided in subdivision (f) or (g)), the agency or person directing the storage shall provide the vehicle’s registered and legal owners of record, or their agents, with the opportunity for a poststorage hearing to determine the validity of the storage.” 

 If you are the vehicle’s registered owner or legal owner of record, and would like to schedule a post storage hearing, please call (310) 349-2701 for the Traffic Bureau.


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